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How Much Are You Shampooing?

On average, most people shampoo their hair every day to every other day. Do you know that this is actually really bad for your hair? Now take into consideration everyone has different hair types and oily or non-oily scalp. shampooing about one - two times a week is good. Why is this? Your scalp naturally produces oils- which most people try to get rid of- those oils are supposed to be dispersed through to the ends, which is why brushing your hair daily is important as well. Shampooing often can also fade out your haircolor- even blondes! Most people who go blonde have a toner put on to cancel out the unwanted tones, and shampooing will cause it to fade, even with 'color safe' shampoo, it won't completely stop the fading. 

Another part that plays into this are things like do you color your hair? Do you use bleach or products that lighten your hair? How much heat are you using everyday? Is your hair curly? All of these are something to take into consideration. People that bleach or lighten their hair would need something that has a lot of proteins and moisture since those are getting removed during the lightening process- which means conditioning more often. People who just color their hair don't need as much protein but lots of moisture, as well as people who use a lot of heat. Straighteners, curling irons, blow dryers, they all can damage your hair and dry it out if you overuse them. Curly hair Hardley to never shampooed (or using an extremely light shampoo -with no bubbles) is really good since the curls can tend to be weighed down and more frizzy.

I'm sure a lot of you are thinking "shampoo my hair ONCE a week! Heck no I could not do that" which is totally normal.

Before I knew about all this I thought the same thing, I once shampooed my hair every day- with drugstore shampoo! Yikes!! Here is the good thing though, you can condition your hair as much as you want! Just keep in mind if you feel like you're too oily, keep it off your scalp to prevent from making it worse. So here is my challenge: try weaning yourself off of the everyday shampoo. Try the first week only shampooing 4 times, the next week take another day out, the third week try shampooing only 2 times. If you just feel too oily,  try using a dry shampoo or baby powder to help absorb the oils. This could make your hair feel and look healthier!  

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