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Hair Care; Professional or Drugstore.

Hey guys! So I know it's been a while since I've been on here, but I'm back and I've got some good stuff for you guys! Today's post were going to talk about haircare; the importance of why you should be using salon quality products and some of my personal favorite brands. So let's get into it!

Do you use drugstore hair products? (Yes any professional brands from target, Walmart ect. are still considered drug store, also anything from Sally's.) Though, a vast majority say that Pantene, Herbal Essence, and so on makes the hair so soft, and that the smell of drugstore product smells better, your hair is actually being coated in a wax layer  that will build up over time, weighing your hair down and make your hair look dull. These drugstore brands are also filled with parabens, sulfates, and plenty of other color and shine stripping ingredients.

Salon quality shampoo  is designed to give your hair the nutrients it needs and longevity of your hair color. If you walk out of the salon paying $100 plus, you don't want your hair to fade after a few washes- so no to sulfates! Though, not all professional brands are sulfate free, usually they have an alternative for sulfate or such a low amount it won't harm your color. Most brands use higher quality  ingredients and some professional brands even have a heat protectant/ anti-humidity in their shampoo and conditioners!

YES, having a few different products is important but I understand that it can be expensive and annoying when hairstylists shove 4-5 products in your hands after your service, which I myself hate pushing too much product on someone. Realistically everyone would like one product that does it all- which is not realistic... But finding ONE product that will help keep your hair healthy in EVERYDAY use is important. "Cheap hair is not good, and good hair is not cheap."

Before I end this post,  just want to talk a little bit about some of my personal favorite professional brands. As some of you may or may not know, for the longest time I was Paul Mitchell forever, until recently I came across this game changing company. UNITE Haircare. These products are vegan, paraben free, sulfate free and they smell like a dream! UNITE also gives 90% proceeds from their doggiepoo to two animal advocacy orginizations: Shelter To Soldier and San Diego Humane Society. In addition, they are pairing veterans that have PTSD from combat with a service animal. Lastly, they are sponsoring a dog from the shelter for his training to become a service dog and find his  awaiting lifelong veteran parter. These products are amazing and I reccomend UNITE anyone looking for a new hair care company.

xoxo, Paige 


Say no to drugstore  Source 1  Unite haircare    Source 2   Doggiepoo from UNITE   Source 3

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