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Full Blonde   Maintenance

Full Balayage web photo.jpg

 *level of blonde lightness varys and may take multiple sessions to achive.
* starting at $325

Maintenence Blonde

Full Highlight web photo.jpg

Dimensional Blonde touch up 1-2" regrowth or every 6-10 week touch up 
*Mini starting at $180
*Partial starting at $225

Reverse Balayage

Partial Balayage web photo.jpg
Global Blonde web photo.jpg

Global Blonde

*requires consultation*
Solid blonde Root to ends. 
*Root touch up (1inch or less) $180
*1inch or more starting at $350 

Transformation Blonde


A Blonding technique consisting of foils and balayage to create a maximum blonde with little dimension.

Adding pieces of darkness and or pulling a root shade through to darken the overall look while keeping dimension.

Partial Highlight web photo.jpg

All Over Color

All Over Color web photo.jpg

solid Dark all over color (not for blondes looking to go darker) This can add shine and bring dull hair back to life. 
*Starting at $200


All achievable colors and levels of blondes will vary based on current and previous hair color(s) and current health of hair. some colors will take multiple sessions to achieve goal. Consultations are AWAYS welcome to talk over hair goals and get a plan to get you to where you want to be! 

Vivid Color

Vivid Color web photo.jpg

Fun, out of the norm semi- permanent color, usually put over already lightened blondes. 
*Starting at $200

Pieces of lightness throughout the entire head leaving some dimension.


Sun Kissed Bronde

Pieces of lightness throughout the crown and front of head leaving lots of dimension. Making a more sunkissed look.
*starting at $250

*starting at $400
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